Heirloom Event Album

I know, I pretty much have the greatest job ever.  I get to show up at lovely informal weddings, casual events, parties, reunions, anniversaries, and witness some of the best moments in life.  I get to wander around and take pictures of people celebrating and catching up and being truly happy.  There are no forced smiles — just people genuinely connecting and embracing and loving each other and being fully present in the moment.  Events range from serene relaxed gatherings to elaborate affairs with tents and music and drinks.  Each experience is so different and beautiful in it’s uniqueness.

Sometimes people simply want me to take a whole slew of group pictures, families gather rarely and they want pictures of cousins and grandkids and siblings, and they want these pictures taken at better quality than a cell phone.  Other hosts want only candids, and I get to wander around like a fly on the wall.  Most often, it is a mixture of both, a couple of large or small group shots and lots of people being themselves, whether that is sincere or silly or in love.

My style is very casual, natural, and yet still capturing real beauty.  I rarely use a flash because nothing is ever as natural with a flash (and it often halts a beautiful moment IRL).  In my photos, people usually aren’t perfectly posed, not everyone is looking at the camera, often the background / foreground isn’t exactly perfect because life (when it is done right) isn’t exactly perfect. True beauty isn’t always in technical perfection but in the connection seen while people are relaxed and truly themselves, whether that means that they are embracing or doing shots or snuggling a baby or having a heart-felt conversation with someone they love.  After an event, I sort and edit all of the pictures and then make page spreads for the 8x8 hardcover heirloom album (that is what you are looking at below). I absolutely love the album because it is compact, doesn’t take up wall space, and is a wonderful reminder of the happiest times.  

Heirloom Event Album Features:

  • Archival Professional Quality Book with Beautiful Kodak Luster Paper
  • 20 – 30 Flush Mounted Pages that Open Flat
  • Durable Pages as Thick as a Dime (more like a board book)
  • Cover Wrapped with Genuine Italian Leather or Canvas Image
  • Image Layout is Expertly Arranged
  • UV Coating That Protects Much Longer Than any Scrapbook or Homemade Photobook

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