Winter Scheduling!!

It is cold!  I know that winter scheduling can be daunting and makes you wish you had planned ahead and gotten pictures over the summer, but heck.  It is Chicago and crazy weather is just part of the deal… And honestly, 110 degrees and humid doesn’t guarantee awesome pictures either.  Have no fear!  There are great, convenient, and efficient winter scheduling options!

Edited images will be ready within a week for Quick-shots and two weeks for Full Sessions

Traditional 15-Minute Quick-shot in Elmhurst

$125 w/ 5 Digital Downloads Included


This is just the normal 15 Minute Quick-shot — meaning I meet you anywhere in Elmhurst– Your house, a local park, Portillos, etc.  If the session is planned outdoors, people bundle-up and bring a warm blanket from the house.  The pictures are snuggly and fun and since it is only 15 minutes, so far, almost everyone has survived– especially with the promise of hot chocolate (or Jameson).

Outdoor Holiday Lights 15-Minute Quick-shot

$125 w/ 5 Digital Downloads Included


My backyard is really cute.  I have set-up a few patio heaters and the background is subtle ever-greens with white holiday lights.  These can only be scheduled in the afternoon because of lighting, but they are fun and easy and much warmer than a standard park.  Feel free to bring any blankets or wraps or props to make it a little more personalized.  And hope for snow <3

Your Own Christmas Tree 15-Minute Quick-shot

$125 w/ 5 Digital Downloads Included


I come to your Elmhurst house and take pictures in front of your tree!  Wear holiday clothes or PJs or your normal stuff… but the background is your own tree in your own living room.  They are fun and easy and scheduled in the evenings, shortly after dark.  I have the best low-light camera and lenses on the market so the images usually turn out pretty cool but not as bright as outdoor photos.

Full Session (45-60 Minutes)

$250 w/ 10 Digital Downloads Included


I’m still doing full sessions!  Good for extended families or groups or individuals that want a slower session pace with more candids and a wider variety of poses.  These can be scheduled anywhere in Chicagoland (photography permit fees are not included in standard pricing).  Please chat with me about options to consider in case it is REALLY cold outside but we usually figure out something!