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I love research!  Before we set out on any trip, we plan a path, have a great time on the adventure, and then think about things we would do differently.  I am so excited about this part of Kelcam!  Hopefully I can help save people on a bit of the legwork or maybe even give people travel destinations that are cost effective that may not have been considered before!  If you are heading off for a trip and I’ve not blogged about it yet, feel free to shoot me a message and I’ll try to move it up in the somewhat random order of things.  We’ve been to almost every state and so many national parks!  With writing once a week, it will take awhile to work through all of our destinations.  But I’m so excited!

Travel Tips!

Take Care

I take care of things...  I help with homework and organize carpools and schedule the plumber but not at the same time as the ortho or PT or allergy shots or practice.  I do piles and piles of laundry.  I research the best vitamins and find live music for...

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Packing Bags

Our first couple of family vacations were admittedly a learning experience of epic proportions and involved an exhausting game of tetris at each stop.  We brought stuff we didn't need, forgot things we had at home, and there was even one delightful time when a bag of...

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Pick a Place and Plan the Trip

 On a recent trip, we were listening to a guy playing acoustic guitar at a tiny bar.  It was chilly, we had done a bunch of hiking, were sipping whiskey, and between sets, we struck up  conversation with the people next to us (let me start by saying that I know it...

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 Rumor has it that some people forget to eat meals.  Those are probably the same people who work-out as "me time" and look forward to their yearly cleanse.  I personally know people like that (don't worry, I won't put your names... you know who you are).  I admire...

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Lodging & Accommodations

 My sister and I look similar but we are literally night and day on so many things.  For example, that girl LOVES a true vacation.  It pretty much isn't worth it to her unless she is staying somewhere nicer than her house.  AND I TOTALLY GET THAT!  Everyone has a...

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Plan Ahead for Travel

 In my day job, I organize details, plan procedures, and I LOVE it!  But I know not everyone is a planner, some people don't even like spreadsheets (GASP!)  Not to be too mellow-dramatic, but planning ahead can make or break even the smallest trip.  Depending on who...

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