Scheduling a Session

Scheduling a session couldn’t be eaiser!  Simply pick a session type, date, time, answer a few questions, and pay the booking fee; This appt will be Plan A. I understand that life is unpredictable and complicated. If the weather is not great or someone is sick or something changes with your schedule, we can always adjust. I want this whole experience to be fun, relaxed, and convenient. Feel free to reschedule for any reason, even moving it forward.

I do have a few thoughts (always).  First, check-out the contract.  I run a relaxed neighborhood business, there is nothing sketchy, but let’s make sure we are a good fit and expectations align before the session.  Also Keep in Mind:

  • Lighting is best outdoors and closer to sunrise or sunset but I can really work around anything
  • Most little kids tend to do better in the mornings.  My schedule shows an 8a start but I’m a morning person so feel free to ask for earlier!
  • Weekdays are less crowded at public parks and make for really lovely & relaxed sessions
  • Feel free to check the weather report for a nice day and schedule something up at the last minute.  Sometimes those work best.
  • There is an option to purchase additional digital downloads and prints after viewing the session.

I have a flexible life right now, so I have appointments available at a wide variety of times & dates but limit the number of sessions I’ll do in a given period so that I avoid burn-out and to make reschedules less stressful. If you have a special circumstance, are looking for a specific date/time that appears unavailable, are trying to schedule more than a few weeks in advance, info on a casual event ,or just have some questions– please email and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Thanks! Looking Forward to Seeing You! — Kelly V and Marki V (her camera)

15 Minute Quick-Shot

Anywhere in Elmhurst
20+ Images in Final Gallery
Any 5 Digital Images Included

Option to Purchase Additional Digital Images & Professional Prints

60 Minute Full Session

Anywhere in Chicagoland
40+ Images in Final Gallery
Any 10 Digital Images Included

Option to Purchase Additional Digital Images & Professional Prints

2 Hour Casual Event

Anywhere in Chicagoland
80+ Images in Final Gallery
Unlimited Digital Downloads

Option to Purchase Professional Prints and Archival Album

Need More Information Before Booking With Kelly & Her Camera?