When Kelly Sets Down Her Camera

Yes, my name rhymes… Kelly Vallicelli (Vall-a-chelly).  I am like the modern Amelia Bedelia or Julia Guglia from Wedding Singer (which coincidentally debuted right around our wedding).  At first I couldn’t even introduce myself without laughing, but at this point, I am barely ever referred to by “Kelly”.  It is all one word… Kellyvallicelli.  Often shouted in a sing-songy tone across very crowded sporting events.

I married my high school boyfriend and moved back to the same community where we grew up.  He is brilliant and gave me a million laugh lines (totally worth it) and supports Kelcam like crazy.  We have a couple of (squirrely) teenagers.  Our boy is bright, funny, sporty, and a realist.  He is often with a team of kids, playing some kind of ball, or chilling with the x-Box One (but helps me with photo editing when I freeze up).  Our daughter is kind, loves to read, ride her bike, and anything non-competitive.  She is usually surrounded by laughter, a pile of pillows, on stage crew, or watching Netflix, but will come to events with me if I need extra help—and historical data suggests that you will love her and want her to stay long after I leave.

I love travel (more about that in the blog & on the road), reading, yoga, walks, and eating at non-chain restaurants.  A wide variety of music is almost always on in our house.  My favorite color is a rainbow.  I love sunrises and sunsets and manicured gardens and wild forests and clear saltwater and patio lights.  I love red wine and tea and cooking, which has led to a lot of wonderful parties at our house with family and so many dear friends that have become my people.

Lastly, I love meeting people!  I look forward to getting to know you!  And your family and friends (even especially the crazy ones)!  And what makes you connect and laugh and light-up!  OH!  And on the topic of love!  The heart in my logo was drawn by my daughter on our old blacktop driveway back when she was in first grade; this is the sincere, kind, simple, bright, and honest lens through which I strive to view people, nature, and the world…Kelly Sans Camera 1

Kelly Sans Camera 2
Kelly Sans Camera 3