Casual Event Booking

An Over-view of details and what to expect when working with Kelly and her Camera at a casual event

Snapping glimpses of people being happy and socializing and celebrating is my true passion.  Even before I started Kelcam, I worked for my college yearbook and then co-created my kid’s elementary school yearbook.  It is so fulfilling for me to facilitate a reminder of the exceptional love, distinctive beauty, unique connection, and special dynamic that shines from your family and friends – and into the world.

It can be any kind of event from a backyard BBQ to a country club — I artfully document a party, birthday, graduation, casual wedding, anniversary, gathering, reunion, celebration, baby shower, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, annual family tradition, visit to your home, or even just a walk in the park.  And then I take those images and using my yearbook experience, expertly create an archive quality hardcover photobook to be viewed and cherished and that will immortalize this season of life.

Being part of the happiest moments in life is beautiful and rewarding and something I enjoy every single time!

I love events and this process is pretty simple and non-intrusive!

      • Email (or call) to request a day / time / place for Kelcam to come to your event
      • Read through my emailed Welcome Packet, Policies, and complete the client questionnaire
      • Pay full booking fee via check dropped at my house or credit card on the emailed proposal
      • I’ll arrive at the event a bit early to check out the venue (best if a specific helper is designated for me)
      • I’ll hang around the event for an hour or so, taking pictures of people & groups (based on the questionnaire)
      • Within 2-3 weeks, the session can be viewed online (as well as a digital preview of the album)
      • Adjustments to the album can be made if necessary and then decide on Post-Party Extras
      • Your included 8×8 hardcover album will be ordered as soon as I get your approval
      • And Done!  You will have a beautiful archival quality album documenting your event!
  • Please don’t get too stressed about having the perfect event!  It is going to be great!  and besides, when things don’t go perfectly, it makes for the best memories! Remember to breathe, relax, and embrace this experience.  It is going to be so wonderful!
  • A dedicated helper is AWESOME and will make your photobook so much better! Ideally, I like someone behind the scenes with me to sort families, know names, and gather groups.  Great job for a tweener or an introvert.
  • Just before sunset is an excellent time for outdoor pictures. On the other end, indoor (or outdoor) pictures at night are rarely great, even for the great photographers. Consider scheduling me to come toward the earlier end of events for that reason… and because I like sleep and turn into a vampire on some nights and a pumpkin others.
  • Date and time are only secured with the full Booking fee
  • Event photography is different than portrait photography.  With portrait, the photographer gets to orchestrate a lovely background, ideal lighting, and make sure everyone looks perfect.  With these events (and quickshots), I make the best of the area and time we have.  I avoid distractions when possible and try to utilize the best light without resorting to a flash, but these pictures are much more natural than portrait photography.  I am focusing on the beautiful connection between people.  I find the images more charming and meaningful, but just something to note.
  • The booking fee includes a bit of mild editing for crop & color (It doesn’t include changing the color of Johnny’s shirt or head-swapping or removing a milk mustache or changing the locale to appear tropical).  A minimalist clean edit keeps the turn-around quick and the price affordable.
  • Please fill out the emailed questionnaire (the sooner the better) as it will help me plan appropriately for the event (it is a google form and easier to complete on a full screen rather than a mobile device)
  • Online Viewing of the Session / Event Images:
    • can be shared on social media with a photo credit to Kelly and Her Camera (this is so appreciated & encouraged!)
    • will not allow for download or printing rights without the extra fee
    • are only guaranteed to be viewable on my website for 6 weeks from the event date

Post-Party Options

  • $10 – Single Photo HQ Download
  • Professional Prints
  • Upgrade to 12×12 Album
  • $175 – Hours Added at Event & Billed

Premium Upgrade


  • HQ Digital Download (all)

  • USB Flash Drive with Full Resolution Files

  • Unlimited download code can be shared

By Quote

  • Events on a Holiday
  • 30 minutes from Elmhurst
  • Over 30 Album Pages
  • Charity & Non-Profit Organizations

Want more details and to see a complete event album?