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by Feb 6, 2016Kelcam Travel Blog!

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My vision for this blog is to encourage people to travel and entertain and connect with people and live to the fullest, without scrambling around and eventually collapsing in an exhausted, stressed, and disheveled heap… and that it doesn’t take tons of money or even tons of time, just a slight shift in priorities and vision.  It can be simple and beautiful and provide lasting memories.

We’ve been to almost all 50 states, tons of national parks, lots of cultural meccas, and we’ve done it on a pretty tight budget, sometimes in a tent, but often in an actual building with real walls.  My plan is to post random blogs about events or Chicagoland or travel adventures around the US (and the world)… but mostly just randomness…

This is about life and travel and the hard stuff and the fun stuff… and family and friends that become family… this is about beauty, in the traditional sense and in the sense that only your heart understands…  This is about what stays the same and what changes… about being and growing and becoming…  About embracing the unique, creative, and lovely…  About connection, togetherness, and the stuff worth remembering.

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I love to hear from people! But since the world wide web is filled with so much spam, I do manually confirm the comments before they post. Really I'm saving you all from tons of pharmaceutical replies. So weird. Anyway. Comment away. It makes me happy. 


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Hi, Kelly here. This is my spot to write about whatever randomness comes into my life. FB has updated posts, but if you aren’t on social media or want an email when there is new content or just want to make me feel encouraged and supported:

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