Contract Terms and Conditions

I run my business with the same transparency, integrity, and philosophy as I exhibit in the rest of my life… and it has worked out pretty well for me. I want us to be a good fit, hence making sure expectations align is in the best interest of everyone. This is the photography contract that is attached to every proposal from me; It is pretty straightforward, doesn’t contain anything shady, and shouldn’t have any surprises. My goal is to be fair, kind, and respectful while still maintaining sensible boundaries.  Please email me with questions or concerns about anything below. 

— Sincerely, Kelly Vallicelli (long-time active Elmhurst resident and neighborhood photographer)

Photography Contract Between Kelly and Her Camera and The Client:

Legalese: Kelly and Her Camera is fully licensed, registered, contributes taxes, and is insured to the industry standard. Proof of Insurance is available upon request. The risk is minimal, but injury or damage incurred during the session is the responsibility of the client. There will never be discrimination based on race, gender, disability, religion/creed, sexual orientation, politics, color, nationality, age, size, or any other crazy form of injustice. I respect, appreciate, value, and find diversity the most beautiful part of humanity and the world. 

Booking Fee:  This initial booking fee includes the allotted session time, online viewing of edited images, and full printing and sharing rights to a few digital downloads of your choice from the collection. There is an option to purchase additional digital downloads and professional prints. Price, date, and time are only secured with the non-refundable retainer paid in full. Payment of the Booking Fee accepts the terms of this contract.  

Upcharges:  Permit fees, location fees, travel expenses (beyond 30 minutes from Elmhurst), extending sessions, and additional editing incurs a fee. 

Reschedules:  Life is crazy and complicated.  Appointments are always Plan A.   PLEASE post-pone if someone is sick!   No need to spread suburban plagues and the pictures never turn out well.  To reschedule for ANY reason, simply go back into the initial appointment confirmation and change the date/time.  It can be because the weather isn’t great or a soccer game got moved or just because people are cranky.  This whole experience should be relaxed and easy and convenient, never forced. There are never refunds for no-shows or cancelations. In the event that a personal emergency effects our session, options will be given from rescheduling to finding a qualified replacement. 

Limitations:  There is not a maximum number of people for any session type but please be aware that a 15 Minute Quick Shot is not ideal for extended family, large groups, outfit changes, a wide range of poses, or people/kids who take time to warm-up.  There is simply not enough time, but feel free to attempt!  Fill the 15 minutes before the timer with whatever!  But, for more elaborate or relaxed endeavors, consider scheduling a Full Session.

Questionnaire:  A session prep guide and questionnaire is emailed after the booking fee is received.  Since these sessions are streamlined and efficient, it helps to have the basics clarified before the session, especially names, ages, goals, number of people, props, and special circumstances. 

Timeliness:  Be ready, relaxed, and prepared!  It will be a bit of a fun whirlwind and promptness & efficiency will make everything go more smoothly.  Because sessions are often back to back, the session will end at the pre-scheduled time regardless of when a session starts. 

Props:  Please feel free (but not obligated) to bring props! I am a minimalist but love to incorporate what you bring!  Consider Anything!  Like a:  well-behaved pet, blanket, favorite toy, ball, first letter of your name, number for their age, pumpkins, flowers, wagon filled with wrapped gifts, balloons, cup-cake, sports team gear, college sweatshirt, engagement ring, bike, bench, couch, sled, BFF, grandma, boppy pillow to help a little sit unassisted, snacks, wine, something your kids just love at this stage of life! I’ll work with whatever! But I rarely bring more than a stepping stool (because I’m 5’1″). I just work with what nature and the environment provides. 

Style:  I have a natural approach to photography (and parenting and life). My style is less portrait photography and leans toward lifestyle photography. With portrait, the photographer orchestrates a flawless background (often Photoshopping in a new sky if the real sky is boring), the ideal lighting is manufactured, and everyone is adjusted just perfectly. Those types of images are lovely but not the style being booked. My style makes the best of the area, time, and people. I have a mental list of typical poses but if something isn’t working, I just try something else or stick with what is working. Distractions are avoided when possible and attempts are made to utilize the best light, background, and arrangements but this style finds images more meaningful when the focus is on connection and character rather than on typical poses, details, and feigned perfection.

Responsibility:  Creative efforts will be made in every situation, but I bear no responsibility for the weather, lighting, or background of chosen venues, locations, times, and dates. To limit inopportune experiences, it is best to ask me for advice. There is especially no responsibility for the distraction, interference, behavior, cooperation, temperament, attire, or engagement of clients, children, guests, and outside parties. People will be encouraged and made as comfortable as possible, but I find it unethical to force someone of any age to be in a picture, sit next to someone, or even be obligated to smile. 

Safety:  Although posing requires some physical contact and personal interaction, lines will never be crossed.  If ever anyone feels uncomfortable, please let me know.  Conversely, I reserve the right to terminate a session without a refund if I feel like my safety, security, or comfort is threatened in any way.  I will not tolerate inappropriate, threatening, hostile, or offensive situations (and you shouldn’t either). 

Selection and Editing:  My editing style is more American Eagle than Glamour, meaning the perspective is that people are most attractive when they are real and authentic rather than air-brushed. Editing will be for crop & color balance but it does not include fine art editing or changing the color of Johnny’s shirt or head-swapping or removing Cheeto dust or changing the locale to appear tropical or making someone look 20 years younger. Life is beautiful just as it is. Images are chosen at the discretion of the photographer. Not every pose will be included in the final collection of options.

Viewing Images:  Each collection can be viewed online, usually within a week for Quickshots, 2-3 weeks for Full Sessions and 3-6 weeks for Casual Events. Galleries will remain online for at least a few months (often years).  Life is busy.  Take your time choosing included images, upgrading your package, and ordering professional prints.  Your credit will be held as long as Kelly and Her Camera is in business (presumably a long time 😉 ).  Prices are subject to change at any time.   Prices are valid on the day the order is placed (not the prices as they were at the initial booking). 

Retakes:  Every person is unique, special, and beautiful.  Whether shy or active or anxious or sullen or special needs or round or wrinkled… (or all of those combined!)  There is never judgment or the stress to be “perfect” because the focus is on real connection and natural beauty and the uniquely special character of each person, family, or group. The session reflects what life was like at that moment — and beautiful in its own way.  There are no free retakes. In the unlikely event that images are unusable in some way by Kelcam, expect prompt and apologetic resolution. 

Photo Release:  The choice to limit social media and internet exposure is respected.  Images from this session will not be used for portfolio, contests, or marketing without consent.  If there is ever an image publicly displayed that you would like removed, please email and the image will be taken down immediately and without further questions.  All of your information is secure and never shared or sold. 

Copyright:  All images are the property of Kelly and Her Camera until full payment is received.  Please do not crop out the watermark or use images without purchasing them or sell them to a third party.  Keep your karma and your integrity in check by always respecting the time, creativity, and energy of any artist. Sharing on social media, shout-outs, tagging, photo-credits, referrals, and reviews are much appreciated.  Thanks <3

Philosophy:  Kelcam doesn’t exist for riches or fame or to be featured in magazines or have notoriety or be booked solid.  This business is fun, fulfilling, and provides for my family.  I love when projects are a good fit, but if they aren’t the right fit, that is ok!  I will absolutely refer to photogs who will be more compatible and rock your session.

Contact:  Feel free to email me anytime! Email is always the best way to reach me with any questions, concerns, or feedback. But in an effort to maintain my sanity and a healthy work/life balance, notifications are off during sessions, family time, most evenings, and on days off (which are kind of random since I work most weekends). Texts, calls, and v/m become lost in my busy shuffle where emails are only archived once they have been resolved. I will happily get back to you shortly! Urgent or last-minute issues should text or call 630-501-1357

- Now That You've Read The Not So Scary Contract -

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