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–Pursuing light and connection in this crazy beautiful world and with the crazy beautiful people in it–


Kelly and her Camera — Casual Events, Lifestyle, and Travel Photography in Elmhurst, Illinois

Like my grandma with her apron, Linus with his blanket, or George Foreman with his grill…  there’s hardly a time I’ve been without my camera.  It started with my hot pink point & shoot as a kid, transitioned as an early adopter of digital, and really progressed in 2004 when I tentatively splurged on my first Canon Rebel SLR. My love for photography continues to develop and grow, especially images that embrace life, light, and the unique connection between people.

On this site are photographs and travel blogs from adventures around Chicagoland, the US, and the world, but my other passion is to document extended families and local casual events: parties, showers, birthdays, reunions, gatherings, even a walk in the park… I take a spectrum of posed and candid photos for my clients that showcase the authentic, engaging, and amusing dynamic that shines from your family. Those images are presented in an archival quality photobook (example pages above).

Settle in, peruse the site, and let me know when we can schedule an event together!

Your headshot looks very professional.  I would hire you!

Aunt Lora

I’m so excited Mrs. V!  Do you have a t-shirt that I can wear to advertise?!

Grace C

Friend of my Daughter